21 September 2010

A VERY Brief History. . . .

I joined United Mileage Plus in 1988 when I moved back to the Bay Area from Washington DC.  I reached the 1 million mile mark in August 2002, about five years after making 1k status continuously.  That was mostly through travel via work and leisure split about 50/50.  For that, they gave me Premier Executive for live (2nd-tier elite level) and my guaranteed meal choice (not always recognized or offered).  I reached the 2 million mile mark in November 2009.  There was a gradual decline in work travel and more of an effort on my part to fly for miles traveling for leisure.  For that, they gave me Red Carpet Club membership for life and choice of a gift (I chose the 160GB iPod).

Since then, work travel contribution has been irregular and leisure travel has dominated my flown miles.

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