20 September 2010

2 Million Miles and Counting

I'm hoping this will be a different kind of travel blog.  The Internet is full of travel information.  It's great and I love using it.  It's helped me figure out so many things.  This will be from the perspective of someone who:

-  Likes flying and considers the journey as much as the destination as part of the adventure;

-  Is not striving to gain miles any way possible -- it's about actual flown miles earned;

-  Differentiates vacations from "mileage runs" -- vacation and work travel do contribute, but trips to pick up chunks of miles have a very different pace and different considerations.

With the merger of United and Continental, I'm anticipating travel will become more varied as new destinations open up.  While airline alliances are good, they don't help with this effort.  United is very specific about what this is about -- miles flown on United.  As I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, United has been the default carrier choice (and no, they aren't paying me -- at least not yet!).

Along the way, I'm hoping to share some interesting experiences (especially for those who don't have the chance to travel so much), offer some advice for those with similar aspirations,and just have some fun with this.

So, seatbelt fastened, electronics off, seat and tray table in the upright and locked positions, and we'll see where this goes. . . .

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